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Located in the heart of the rich coconut region of Batangas, Philippines, we are new certified bulk suppliers of 100% aseptic young coconut water and frozen young coconut meat.

Your Reliable Source of Coconut Water and Meat

Our company, Eau De Coco Inc. (EdCi), processes the most naturally sweet coconut water sourced in the Philippines, less than 2 hours by car South of Manila. We work with the highest quality of young coconut to produce refreshing and delicious young coconut water, as well as tender coconut meat.
At EdC we understand that a good tasting coconut product starts at the source which is why we focus our attention on the quality and integrity of our raw materials.

Our Facility

State-of-the-Art Facility and Tetra Pak Aseptic Line

Incorporating the latest Pasteurization and direct UHT technology, we ensure a one-year shelf life and a natural coconut flavor.

The configuration of our state-of-the-art machines can process of up to 18 Million Liters / Year.

Quality Control

We test 100% for quality control and conduct resource sampling prior to packing and shipping. We are certified with USFDA, HACCP, FSSC 22000, GMP, ISO 2200, Kosher, Halal and Europe, Japan & US Organic Certification.

Solutions for your Packaging Needs

While our plant specializes in Bulk or Drum packaging, we can also toll-pack the coconut water in PET or Glass bottles, Cans and Tetra Pak containers and ship packaged young coconut water to customer’s specifications.

Mixing with Blends

We take pride in the taste of our products which is why our young coconut water comes fresh from the young nut and is a true compliment to enhance your product flavor.

Our Products

Coconut Water


From Nut to Drum – 100% Aseptic and Additive Free

Our team of experts carefully constructed a production line that slows down oxidization and holds tight to all those nutrients. Once the coconut is sliced open the water falls into a 100% aseptic process that pasteurizes the water through a Direct UHT system that promises a healthy shelf life and great flavor!

All of our coconut water is packaged in bulk (200L or 1000L). Thus making it a perfect mixture for your recipes and blends.

Freeze Dried Young Coconut Meat

An Ideal on-the-go Healthy Snack

100% natural, healthy and tasty snack.

Coconut Meat


Packaged in 1-3KG, Vacuum-Sealed Packs.

Our young coconut meat is carefully shredded or hand-scooped in the shape of a half shell and washed before it is vacuum-sealed, deep-frozen in its raw form and shipped.

Coconut Water Powder


Coconut Water Powder provides an abundance of the 5 electrolytes that are known to support rapid hydration.

EDCI decided to make powder from coconut water that is extracted from young nuts, aged 7 to 9 months, also known as green coconuts.